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Poem: My First True Love

My first true love, a technology poem

Written by Daphne Tore / Dean Thorpe

At the age of ten, I made a great friend

So was it a Boy, With a cool toy?

Or was it a sweet girl, Doing a pretty twirl?

None of the above, Was my first love

An Acorn Electron, To load my tapes on

So what it was so slow, The warmth of the glow

In front of the screen, Unreal like a dream

Creating the code, Switching the mode

Just 32K, In which to play

Computers don’t care, They’re just software

But that you can trust, Friendships can rust

Ones and zeroes, Digital heroes

It was my friend, Right until its end

Daphne Tore signature with rainbow colours
Very random poetry, by a very random poet, Daphne Tore

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