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Poem: Derailed Train Of Thought

Derailed train of thought, a mental health poem

Written by Daphne Tore / Dean Thorpe

My mind is a scary place to be,

It’s a place nobody wants to see.

I have spent most of my life in there,

Hiding from a world that doesn’t care.

My mind is a lonely place to be,

Nobody here can understand me.

The conflict of light and dark inside.

A battle from which I cannot hide,

My mind is a deadly place to be,

The voices inside want to hurt me.

They are trapped and can never escape,

So they try to poison me with hate.

My mind is a random place to be,

Voices always try to confuse me.

The quest to focus has always failed,

My train of thought has been derailed.

My mind is a noisy place to be,

A whirlwind of voices surrounds me.

Only music can block them all out,

It protects me when they scream and shout.

My mind is a dark prison for me,

No way for me to ever be free.

I don’t want to go out of my mind,

As a way back I might never find.

My mind is the only place for me,

The place I still always want to be.

A strange place that I can call my home.

Where I can sit proud upon my throne.

Daphne Tore signature with rainbow colours
Very random poetry, by a very random poet, Daphne Tore

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