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Poem: Just Another Dumb Animal

Just another dumb animal, a poem by Daphne Tore / Dean Thorpe

Just another dumb animal,
Said the man standing by the wall.
Looking out at a scruffy cat,
From underneath his old grey hat.
His suit so smart, his face so old,
Waiting for the train in the cold.
Off to do a job that he hates,
To put food on his children’s plates.
It made me think to hear those words,
About the lives of cats and birds.
A cat may be a little sad,
But would it go completely mad?
A dog doesn’t need to pay the bills,
Or understand the toxic spills.
A mouse would never give a squeak,
If you told it that the pound is weak.
A snake won’t need a credit card,
To help it through when times are hard.
A rabbit does not suffer the blues,
When it can’t wear the latest shoes.
A gerbil would not live on drugs,
Paid for by the people he mugs.
A bird flies high above the crowds,
Looking down from above the clouds.
The biggest things that give us stress,
Are problems caused by our own mess.
We fill our lives, create such fuss,
Maybe the dumb animals are us?

Daphne Tore signature with rainbow colours

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