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Poem: Not Going Mad This Christmas

Not going mad this Christmas, a slightly different Christmas poem about mental health

Written by Daphne Tore / Dean Thorpe

I’m not going mad this Christmas,

I heard the woman say

It was a rather strange thing,

I heard the other day

Some people always comment,

they say the strangest stuff

Do they even understand,

the world can be quite tough

I know she meant the presents,

to sit under her tree

But many people out there,

are just like you and me

The only difference being,

this year they will go mad

For some Christmas is happy,

for others it is sad
Christmas for them just can be,

a lonely day and night

So check on everybody,

and make sure they’re alright

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Very random poetry, by a very random poet, Daphne Tore

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Poem: Life Of A Snowflake

Life of a snowflake, a Christmas poem by Daphne Tore / Dean Thorpe

Frozen water drop, falling from the sky.

Slowly drifting down, from the clouds so high.

No two flakes that fall, are ever the quite same.

Gliding through the air, floating like a flame.

Down towards the Earth, oh where will it land.

On a Christmas tree? In a small boys hand?

No such luck this time, landed on a car.

Speeding down the road, did not travel far.

Windscreen wipers on, snow pushed to the side.

Falling to the floor, nowhere left to hide.

Disappearing now, vanished down the drain.

Floating to the sea, with the fallen rain.

Then another day, back into the sky.

Up into the clouds, how it loves to fly.

On a winters day, time to fall again.

Something fun this time, please not down the drain.

Scooped up as it lands, made into a ball.

See a smiling face, hear a young boy call.

Children gather round, see the man of snow.

Now its feels a part, never wants to go.

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Poem: Christmas Thoughts

Christmas Thoughts, a poem by Daphne Tore / Dean Thorpe

Cold winds start to blow,
the windows start to shake
Snow begins to fall,
each perfect little flake
Windows full of light,
the houses seem to glow
Flashing little lights,
reflecting on the snow
Safe and warm inside,
the children try to sleep
Christmas time is near,
will be here in a week

Underneath the tree,
some presents in a pile
Parents always hope,
to make the children smile
Christmas lists so long,
but presents are not free
Did they get it right,
will have to wait and see
Not long left to go,
until that special time
Sharing hot mince pies,
and glasses full of wine

This year try your best,
to be there for someone
Do something that’s nice,
not just because it’s fun
Christmas is a time,
to spread a little joy
Be there for someone,
and not just give some toy
Not some boring gift,
that’s just so you can boast
Give the gift of time,
that’s what they need the most

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