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Poem: Crowds All Around Me

Crowds all around me, a mental health poem

Written by Daphne Tore / Dean Thorpe

Crowds getting bigger, closing all around

Bumping into me, feel like I am bound

People everywhere, trying hard to breath

Trying to escape, wish that I could leave

I start to panic, forcing my way through

Where are you baby, looking round for you

There near in the crowd, you look so alone

Bang comes from the road, a firework thrown

Moving down the streets, pushing through the crowd

Flashes from the sky, that was really loud

Someone kicks my leg, nearly makes me fall

Hit them with my crutch, rude words I do call

They spin round and kick, that one really hard

I go to grab him, I will mark his card

Voice from behind me, “He is autistic”

Lad turns round in tears, god I feel so thick

I was just trying, to defend myself

I am not nasty, work in mental health

I feel so sorry, I was in such pain

Crowds all around me, messing with my brain

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