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Poem: Goodbye EU

Goodbye EU, a political poem about the United Kingdom leaving the European Union by Daphne Tore / Dean Thorpe

We are going to leave, our place in the EU.

It is hard to believe, but sadly it is true.

The journey has been hard, and it’s cost us so much.

MP’s were caught off guard, they are so out of touch.

Getting Brexit done soon, was all they cared about,

Blond haired bumbling buffoon, all that he did was shout.

Both sides told many lies, the numbers on a bus,

Affecting all our lives, did not know who to trust.

I voted to remain, but more voted to leave,

Some ideas in their brain, things they want to achieve.

We will get blue passports, we will take back control,

We’ve seen the news reports, about border patrol.

No more ruled by Brussels, now just run by Tories,

I trust them even less, full of fairy stories.

The Sun and Daily Mail, helped to spread all the lies,

They told you made up tails, just loads of porky pies.

Now we will deal with Trump, and sell the NHS,

Become a bigger dump, not much of a success.

They take our rights away, the things that should protect,

Boris just followed May, but Corbyn did object.

Need to come together, not time to be afraid,

We support each other, we give each other aid.

Need a united place, do not need to divide

We’re all the human race, the same on the inside

Daphne Tore signature rainbow

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