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Poem: The Illusion Of Life

The illusion of life, a poem by Daphne Tore / Dean Thorpe

When I look back at life, I wonder if its real
Look back in to my past, things done seem so unreal
Is life an illusion, or is it just a dream
How do we really know, if life is what it seems
I’ve always had my doubts, but life can feel so real
So what if I am wrong, what if it is unreal
How can I escape from, a never ending dream
Would I really want to, this worlds not bad it seems
I see beauty and love, wonderful things so real
Terror and destruction, why can’t they be unreal
At night I try to sleep, escape in to a dream
Is that life the real one, or the illusion it seems
Look into the mirror, is the reflection real
Am I the illusion, is it me that’s unreal
Inflict pain on myself, to wake up from the dream
Yet I’m still here or mad, there’s no escape it seems

Daphne Tore signature with rainbow colours

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